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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter After-glow. . . so sweet it is!

OH!  How I do love Easter!  If you follow me on Facebook, you can tell this by my posts throughout the weekend.  We certainly had a lovely one this year - despite the windy-winds.  Sunny and warm with flowers blooming in the gardens as well as on the table (thanks J-girl and C-girl) - aren't those gorgeous hydrangea and lilies?!?!

We had tons of great food and beautiful cupcakes (thanks A-niece and K-girl) and cookies - yum!  Hubster most certainly outdid himself this year on the prime rib.  Delish!  Oh yes, there are leftovers - but not because anybody went hungry - because there was just more tasty food than what our tum-tums could handle.

With that, I will leave you with some photos to gaze upon.  I am going through Easter withdrawal and basking in the sun-glow of it's aftermath.  Can't wait til next year!

The tulip tree, daffodils, violas, and lone red tulip in the flower beds.

Hubster masterfully handling that beautiful prime rib

Extra -beautiful (& delicious too!) pastries and pastel candies.  K-girl brought those Easter basket cupcakes from the Pink Box Bake Shop and A-niece brought the nifty cookies from Sweet Designs Cakery.

Oooooh!  Easter Egg dyeing - hooray. . . 3-1/2 dozen of prettily colored and designed eggs.  How fun!

Takes many hands to make Crabtastic Rangoon.  Not really.  But it's more fun that way!

Just one of many variations of Easter Dinner. . . always with prime rib and every combination Lick-The-Plate YUM!  We had plenty of yummy food on the 2010 Easter Menu to make everybody's taste buds happy.

Have a glowing kind of day ~
Robin Z

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