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Friday, April 23, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Roses!

Well. . . Not quite.

Planted this one yesterday - a pretty pink-pink ruffly one that Hubster brought home for me.  CanNOT wait for it to bloom!  Doesn't look like much now - but I KNOW it'll be gorgeous later this summer:-)

And this one used to be a yellow one tipped in red.  But it changed it's mind and now it's a bringht pink and blooms and blooms and blooms.  I'm so glad it made it through winter!  I need to get out there and trim the dead wood off so it looks presentable again.

Now that I'm done planting pots and baskets for the porches, my focus will turn to the sad-looking, terribly neglected flower beds.  I just don't know where to begin.  They look gorgeous in the spring - then go wild through the summer.  I can't really dig them all up entirely and start over - so it gets even more complicated.  Sigh. . . .

But check this out.  bought these gorgeous roses the other day at 1/2 price.  got them home and discovered a couple of them had lost their heads.  Cracked me up. . . . instead of a dozen, they were eleven, but I ADORED their color.  Since they were rather wilty, I decided to de-stem all of them ("Off with their heads!"), float them in a bowl with some irridescent stones in the bottom and a candle in the middle:

It's especially pretty with the candle lit in the evenings - but I couldn't seem to get a good photo.  These photos were taken a few days after I made the arrangement, so some of them opened more and a couple of them started to wilt.  Can't wait to do this same thing with roses out of my own gardens!

Have a rosy kind of day ~

Robin Z

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